Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications

Where your major makes an impact: Equipping the next generation of educators, leaders, and communicators through agriculture.

Our faculty are highly rated for their teaching, research, and outreach programs in teacher education, Extension education, leadership development, internationalization of curriculum and agriculture, distance education, and organizational and community change.

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Our department offers bachelor's and master's degrees leading to exciting careers in the field of communications, education, or leadership.
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Online Degree Programs
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Our online bachelor's and master's degree programs gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace in your own space.
Faculty and Staff
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Our faculty and staff are dedicated to developing leaders in our field and advancing research. Learn more about who they are.
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Learn about the course offerings in Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications.
International Programs
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Study abroad advising is available for all students looking to explore study abroad options, apply to specific programs, identify scholarships, prepare for travel, etc.

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Explore projects and find resources in our research lab.

What is Happening in ALEC?

Opportunities and Internships

In partnership with the Knox County Farm Bureau, the Knox Union Cattlemen’s Association (KUCA) may award up to two (2) college scholarships of $1000 each to deserving students who have interest in the farming enterprise. The fields of study are not limited to agriculture. We seek to support and encourage students who have grown up in the agricultural community, who have interest in supporting the agricultural interests in their careers, and who have linkages to the Knox and Union County communities.

The scholarships will be awarded based on an objective use of a weighted scoring system. Each application will be scored in the categories defined in the weighted criteria and the points will be totaled. The evaluation will be performed by the scholarship committee, appointed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will make the selection and the decisions of the Board will be final. Applications can be submitted at any time and will be compiled for evaluation, which will be conducted in June of each year with awards made in August. The submission deadline for each year is May 31. Any applications received after May 31 will be held for the following year. Successful applicants will be awarded $1000 scholarships. While it is our intent to award 2 scholarships each year, the Board reserves the right to award any number, based on available resources and the quality of applications.

To view the full application and submission details visit their website at

The UTIA Marketing and Communications department is interested in hosting internships for ALEC students interested in magazine or general journalism. They are in particular need of help with writing, editing, and research for UTIA’s flagship magazine, Land, Life & Science.

These internships are unpaid, but offer a tailored experience to fit your specific needs and interests, and give you a wonderful opportunity to grow. You may also be able to use this opportunity as internship credit for ALEC 492. If you are interested in an internship with Marketing and Communications please email